PE Certified (SPCC) Spill Prevention Plan

In January 2010, the EPA finalized regulations stating that all facilities must revise their Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) plans.  This has placed many organizations under the gun to make the appropriate amendments.  An extension has been granted noting that facilities must amend or create, and implement their SPCC plans by November 10, 2010; however this is just around the corner!

For those facilities subject to regulation, the SPCC rules require organizations to develop and utilize plans to help prevent any release of oil into navigable waters or surrounding coast line.  As well, regulations require a contingency plan for circumstances when a facility is unable to provide additional storage and capacity for any materials which may leak.

It is critical that facilities subject to these regulations have established procedures that will adequately service their site.  Often states require that a P.E. licensed in the state where the facility is located must endorse a site’s plan, although this is not yet a federal requirement.  In addition to containment for storage vessels, the updated SPCC regulations stipulate for petroleum use areas that the following items are available, where applicable.

Dr Fuel Clean Environmental Services

  • SPCC Plan Development.
  • Environmental Assessment and Remediation Services.
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Due Diligence Site Assessments.
  • Remedial Investigation, Design and Oversight.
  • Environmental Compliance and Management.
  • Compliance Audits.
  • Environmental Programs Development and Implementation.
  • Storage Tank Management.
  • Compliance Document Preparation.
  • Process Safety Management Programs.

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