Gasoline Extraction and Disposal

Dr Fuel Clean now provides Complete Gasoline Removal and Disposal Services for Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania to Maine! We can remove any Gasoline Safely, even Ethanol (E-10). Why use Dr Fuel Clean? The answer is simple: Experience and Safety!

* Warning the extraction and transfer of Gasoline should only be performed by a professional company which understands the high risk of flammable ignition caused by static electricity.

Did you know?

E-10 Gasoline, also known as Ethanol, is the leading cause of engine failure for any engine which relies on gasoline. Simply put, Ethanol absorbs water up to 40% more than non-Ethanol gas! Temperature change and condensation are just a few of the major factors that lead to the absorption of water by your E-10 Gasoline. With water comes phase separation in your tanks, providing tough challenges for seasonal equipment including: marine operators (Boaters), gas powered generators, lawnmowers etc.

How Can Dr. Fuel Clean Help?

When Phase Separation occurs in the fuel tank of a vehicle, boat or other piece of equipment, the tank should be completely drained. The old-school of thought of topping off tanks is no longer valid. This only contributes to your Gasoline’s ability to absorb more water! Instead your Gasoline should be completely extracted. Your fuel lines should be purged and your tank should be refilled with fresh fuel prior to restarting the engines.

How is Dr. Fuel Clean Different?

Our gasoline transfer system uses an air operated pump which moves fuel quickly and safely through specially bonded, low static transfer hoses. The entire system further utilizes specialized static reels and cables that discharge electrical static charges directly to the ground, completely eliminating any risk of ignition.

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