Marine Pleasure Craft

Did you know that the most common reasons for Marine Diesel Engine Failure can often be associated with “Bad Diesel Fuel”? The fact remains that today’s Diesel Fuels degrade very quickly. If not treated properly, problems can typically begin to occur in less than a month and can wreck havoc on your engine’s tanks, filters, injection systems, and overall performance. And with the introduction of new bio-fuels, this problem is only getting worse.

Dr. Fuel Clean has the solution for your Marine Diesel Fuel Problems…

  • Access Diesel Fuel Tanks – Install Access Plates as Necessary
  • Extract Heavy Particulates and Water from bottom of Diesel Tank
  • Fine Filter Diesel Fuel to remove all Micro-Particulates
  • Add Chemical Treatment to Optimize and Stabilize Fuel
  • Dispose of Contaminates and Bad Fuel
  • Diesel Fuel Polishing Systems w/ Installation Available

Thanks for getting our 1979 Hatteras up and running again. I thought from the problems that we were having, that all the fuel needed to be removed. We have run our boat now for over 220 hours with no filter replacements... (continue)

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