Diesel Fuel Tank Polishing

Dr Fuel Clean will present a 3-Phase Fuel Quality Assurance Program (QAP).

Phase 1

  • Site survey.
  • Open fuel tank access.
  • Extract fuel for both Visual Inspection and ISO Certified Lab Analysis.
  • Based on Judgment of Condition – Supply Action Plan for  Complete Remediation and Compliance.

Phase 2

  • Source Additives and Chemicals required to Implement Treatment Plan for each tank.
  • Mobilize to Site.
  • Access Tank .
  • Interior tank cleaning as required.
  • Extraction of Heavy Particulates and Water as necessary.
  • Dispose of all Contaminates and Bad Fuel.
  • Chemically Blend and Inject Chemicals as required.
  • Fine filter fuel as recommended for end use application.

Phase 3

  • Post Lab Analysis Testing.
  • Implement Predictive Maintenance Program.
  • Prepare On Site Training and Operational Manuals for Self Administered Sites.

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