Diesel Fuel Sampling & Lab Testing

Fuel sampling and evaluation is the key to determining when a problem exists. While water at the bottom of your tanks may be easily visible, the quality and stability of your Diesel Fuel is not, and should be tested annually.

A good fuel evaluation should include visual findings as well as a complete lab analysis. Dr. Fuel Clean can provide a full in-depth Lab Analysis of your Diesel Fuel and provide you with a solutions to correct your fuel problems, as well as maintain the quality of your fuel.

Our Diesel Fuel Lab Analysis Includes:

  • D-976 – CETANE INDEX
  • D-6304 – WATER
  • D-1796 – WATER & SEDIMENT
  • D-287 – API GRAVITY
  • ISO Cleanliness Code
  • View Sample Lab Report

View An Example Lab Analysis

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