Diesel Fuel Additives – who’s the best

February 12th, 2010 | 4 Comments »

Stabilizing fuel through regular chemical dosing is a must in today’s fuels. Heavy and rapid degradation can cause fuel to be unusable in some end user applications  in as little as 12 months.

Part of Dr Fuel Cleans – Quality Assurance Program (QAP) is to sample fuel on an annual basis. After tanks have been cleaned and fuel treated we now have a history of premium product choices.

In the past we used Algae-x AFC 705 and  others some degree of success. The product of choice which has been fuel proven and backed by many post fuel samples is made from a company in Houston TX.

Power Research Inc. produces a powerfull stabilizing additive called PRI-D which is readily available throughout the US.

Their claim is that PRI-D will stabilize fuel for up to one year however we have found that it does  much longer. It also has the ability to reverse aging and rejuvenate fuel back to specs.

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4 Recent Comments For "Diesel Fuel Additives – who’s the best"

  • MIchael Petyo:

    I have a diesel boat that been laid up for approx.5 to 6 years.I stabilized the fuel in the begining,now the years have pasted,do you think that the fuel can be saved.I would appreciated your advice.
    Thank You, Mike

  • Bill:

    I’ve had excellent success with Diesel Guard Clear and MBF-1000 from Chemsearch. The MBF is a water and fuel phase biocide that kills virtually all biological growth in about 8 hours. The diesel guard really gives me more power on the water. Only downside is that the biocide is so good, I had to change my fuel filter twice.


    Do you work on DEF contamination or know anything about it?

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